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We’re a small group of Volunteers who shelter and care for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and actively seek to rehome dogs who come into our care.
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In 2013 and we launched Maggie’s Mission.

Maggie was a dog no one wanted, she was 8 years old had spent her entire life chained up outside and had been used and abused as a breeding machine. Her chances at rehoming through a pound situation were slim. Through the help of excellent support networks for saving pound dogs, she was brought into our care for vet treatment, rehabilitation and training into living in a home environment. After a great deal of time and effort and a lot of love, which Maggie herself is truly excellent at, she was successfully rehomed but Maggie’s Mission had been formed to help more than one dog.

While there have been more poundies through Maggie’s Mission we’ve had some even more harder cases to contend with – some of our own rescue dogs being returned to the rescue, simply having nowhere to go. In 2015, Gus spent 8 months in kennels while waiting his forever home – he had been previously rehomed by the rescue but when he was returned to us we simply didn’t have the right home for him. For a rescue founded on a principal of home from home rehoming it’s been incredibly difficult to see some of our dogs become long term kennels residents.

With that in mind we plan to expand Maggie’s Mission to support either a poundie or a long term kennel dog – providing that support that these special dogs need, for however long they need it.

Our kennel costs currently run to £100 a week just for one dog and these dogs often need additional behaviour or vet treatment. Even simple things like toys or blankets can make the small difference as well. Kennels can be a difficult environment for a dog so they often need additional volunteer support to cope with the stress.

We happily accept donations to Maggie’s Mission of any size – if everyone of our followers donated just £1 we could ensure a secure kennel space for any dog that needs its, along with the support and love that is equally important.

You can donate any amount directly via Paypal to you like to set up a direct debit and make a regular donation then please e-mail us at

You cannot make a difference for every dog, but for the dog you do make a difference to, it means everything !

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Fostering one of our dogs can be a great way of helping a dog while it waits on its forever home. Click below for more information on how to foster our dogs

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 Are you ready to find the next member of your family?  Take a look at the dogs we currently have looking for a sofa and a forever family to call their own.


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