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We’re a small group of Volunteers who shelter and care for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and actively seek to rehome dogs who come into our care.
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Finding The Right Dog For Your Family Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult

Here at Staffordshire Rescue Scotland, we know just how big a role our dogs play in our family life, which is why finding the right one for your family is so important. 

This doesn’t mean it has to be difficult, we can help you find the perfect dog for your family. When we bring a dog to our rescue, we take the time to really get to know it  and discover what type of forever home it needs. 

This way we can help you meet the best dog for your family and help your dog find the perfect forever home it needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?
The time it takes from enquiry to bringing home your perfect dog will vary. This is because we have to make sure you and your potential new dog are the correct fit for each, this process will also include a home visit. Once you enquire about a dog we will be able to give you more details on timescale at that stage.
How Much Does Adopting Cost?
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What Is the Difference Between Adopting and Fostering?

When you foster one of our dogs, you are giving it a place to call home until it finds its forever family. When you adopt one of our dogs, you are that forever family! 

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Fostering one of our dogs can be a great way of helping a dog while it waits on its forever home. Click below for more information on how to foster our dogs

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 Are you ready to find the next member of your family?  Take a look at the dogs we currently have looking for a sofa and a forever family to call their own.