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Why Adopt

A Staffie From Us?

We are a very small charity, taking in only a handful of dogs at a time. As often as we can, we
like the dogs to remain in their own homes until a new home is found for them. At times that
isn’t possible and we may move dogs to foster homes.

We spend time getting to know the dogs in our care. If they are in a home, we aim to visit
them regularly to get to know them so that we can understand the sort of home that would
suit them best.


Adoption Process

All potential new homes will have an informal home-check to look at things like:
1. your position near to busy / fast roads
2. your garden / property security for a dog
3. other animals at your home
4. other family members, if relevant
5. proof of identification
6. detailing follow up support you would receive from us
7. answering any questions that you may have
8.If the home-check is successful, you are invited to meet the dog(s).
9.If you choose to continue, the adoption agreement form is signed and the donation taken.
10.You become fully responsible for caring for the dog, and agree to continue to do so. Please note – SRS continue to reserve the right to visit the dog at mutually convenient times.If you are in rented accommodation, a letter of confirmation from the landlord regarding pets at the property will be required. If you are in local authority housing we will need to see a copy of the tenancy agreement. Please have these available for the home check.
11.A follow up visit is done after an agreed time has passed. This can be repeated at any time. Support is always available for any issues or questions you have post adoption.

Featured Staffies



Stark is a 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier



Stark is a 3 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier



Saffie is a 5-year-old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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